Partner Training


Share the cost and the workload with partner training! You can choose your own partner or have Nadeen pair you up with someone who has similar goals and abilities.

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Product Description

Partner training is perfect for couples, friends, or co-workers looking for individualized attention and a cost effective program. Choose your own partner or have Nadeen pair you up.

Training location is flexible. Nadeen will come to your work or apartment gym; she can train you outside in the park or inside at a personal training gym; it’s up to you!


The Skinny

What is Partner Training?
Partner Training involves you and one other person exercising together and lead by a qualified and experienced coach. The trainer will demonstrate exercises and mentor you through safe and effective methods, measuring and recording progress at key milestones. Due to the highly interpersonal nature of this type of training, everyone collaborates on motivation and spirit to create a charged environment.

What takes place during a Partner Training session?
You’ll begin with 5-10 minutes of warm up to ready the body for exercise. The “work” part of the session (40-50 minutes) typically involves full body exercises using cables, balls, dumbbells, and your own weight, plus short periods of cardio. The session ends with 10 minutes of static stretching. Nadeen’s role is to motivate, support and instruct you through your program.

How long is each Partner Training session?
Sessions are 60 minutes in duration. This breaks down into a 5-10 minute warm up, 40-45 minutes exercising, and 10 minutes cool down and stretching. The session will be paced to meet you and your partner’s fitness level, making sure you’re challenged but not overwhelmed.

How many sessions do you need to see results?
Partner Training programs vary in length depending on your situation and goals. Generally you’ll need a minimum of 8 sessions with Nadeen to develop a routine and notice changes like improved strength, and weight loss. Training 2 or 3 times per week you can expect to see results in 3-4 weeks. The real benefits come through regular exercise and you can expect to see significant improvements after 2 months.

Where does Partner Training take place?
Nadeen has relationships with multiple gym locations in downtown Vancouver and is also able to train you at your home or office gym if that’s a better fit. A convenient training location plays a key role in any sustainable exercise program.

What if you’re unfit?
Even if you haven’t been active in some time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and positively your body will react to regular exercise. Nadeen will create a program of exercise based on your situation regardless of how different it is from your partner’s. Because it’s just the two of you, Nadeen will ensure you get lots of individual attention and appropriate modifications to maximize your results.

What if you have an injury?
Many of us suffer from knee, shoulder or low back pain caused by injury. An effective exercise program will help to rehabilitate the problem area and alleviate pain. You won’t be doing exercises that agitate your injuries. Nadeen will appropriately modify exercises so they strengthen weak areas and lengthen tight ones. Many clients experience complete relief from chronic pain after only a few weeks of regular training.

Who will you be working out with?
Most groups are formed when friends or couples come together to train, but in many instances pairs are formed from individuals looking for a shared experience. Nadeen will match you with someone of similar goals and fitness level. If you’re interested in Partner Training and your friends aren’t game, contact Nadeen and tell her about yourself so she can find you a match!