Nadeen Boman

Welcome! Whether you’re here as a referral from one of Nadeen’s happy clients, or because you recognize her from her years hosting the long-running TV series The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp and Bulging Brides, you’ve arrived at the perfect place to begin making positive changes to your health, diet and fitness. Nadeen Boman welcomes clients from all walks of life, and enjoys nothing more than seeing them achieve seemingly impossible goals. Her nurturing, personal approach will inspire you to use exercise, food, and lifestyle adjustments to not only improve your health, but your overall experience of life.

Flexible Programs

We’re not all alike. And thank goodness! But it’s no surprise then that a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and training doesn’t work for most of us. So let’s find out what works for you, and focus solely on that.

Practical Approach

Nadeen works with you to identify very specific challenges and goals, and then prescribes an appropriate, targeted approach that lets you hit your own targets quickly and efficiently.

Sustainable Plans

Roller coasters are fun at amusement parks, but not when it comes to our health. Nadeen’s custom-designed plans help ensure steady, consistent, long-term results.

Eat Better

We truly are what we eat. But, maybe you don’t know what to eat, or maybe you just need a shot of culinary inspiration. Either way, Nadeen will deliver a custom program that will serve up results in no time.

Get Stronger

When we're strong, we feel like we can tackle anything. Nadeen works with individuals of all fitness levels, and creates a personalized plan of functional exercises that are challenging but always doable.

Live Well

Nadeen’s holistic approach to health means she’ll work with you to improve your prioritization, organization, habits, self image, reward systems, and much more.